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Call Now: 480-409-8716

Call Now: 480-409-8716

Go Green & Save $1000s 

  • Solar homes sell for more
  • Solar easily transfers to new owners with Guaranteed Fixed Rates
  • Be The Go-to Realtor For Added Listing & Buyer Benefit
  • Buyers can get solar installed at no cost
  • Lucrative Realtor Referral Program
  • Earn With Our Friends, Neighbors, Referral & Affiliates Opportunity

Help Your Clients Go Solar Today

Realtor Referral Program for Buyers, Sellers & Home Owners


Solar Energy Benefits to Buyers and Sellers

Solar energy fits perfectly with green benefits & home automation - it is the best new opportunity to offer consumers a beneficial home product.

Frank Morris

Affiliate Market

When I learned about the solar program as an closing gift I was excited to reach out to offer this to all my current and past clients & Prospects.

Lori Lynn Smith


Offering solar along with my listings, as well as to my buyers is the closing gift that keeps on giving! They remember & refer me for years to come.

Sam Gerardi

​Associate Broker

Realtors Can Build Referrals

Include Free Solar Installation as a Buyer Incentive AND as a Way to Reach Out To Past Clients for Referrals.

Buyer Incentive

You can offer your buyers no-cost installation and earn an excellent referral for every KW we install. 

Great Open House Tool!

Past Clients

Use our solar program as way to reconnect with past clients and offer them a way to increase their home value while saving on their energy costs.

Listing Benefit

When presenting your value proposition, include the solar package as a buyer incentive to attract more buyers. Offer this unique Benefit & win listings.

Solar is a Win-Win:

Today's home owners are looking for ways to enjoy their home wile maximizing their investment. Todays buyers are more energy & value conscious than ever before.

Solar helps with balancing energy needs with fixed cost electricity while minimizing their dependency on the Utility company.

The Time For Solar Energy Is Now!
Combined with Vivant Smart Home options, you can be the go-to Realtor in  your market by adding a partnership with PureNRG Solutions. We do the work, your customers get the benefit, you get paid!  Learn more today, and start earning tomorrow.

Don't Miss Out On This Opportunity!

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