APS Reports Green Progress

At one-year anniversary of clean energy commitment, APS reports steady progress

Collaboration, operational excellence, customer programs advance toward carbon-free future

PHOENIX – In the year since Arizona Public Service (APS) announced its bold commitment to serve customers with 100% clean, carbon-free energy by 2050, the company has made steady progress toward that goal. The company‘s clean energy commitment includes interim targets of increasing its resource mix to 65% clean by 2030, with 45% of that from renewables, and ending all coal-fired energy production by 2031.

“Our commitment is for the long term and includes maintaining the reliable and affordable service our customers rely on,” said Jeff Guldner, APS Chairman and CEO. “In 2020, we worked first to overcome the immediate concerns presented by the pandemic – to keep our employees safe and healthy and to keep the power on for our customers – but we have not taken our eyes off the ball. In the first 12 months of our commitment, we made great progress thanks to important work with stakeholders who share this vision for a carbon-free energy future and the hard work of our employees throughout Arizona.”

“We are serious about our clean energy commitment. If we can work together on the best policies, technologies and pathways to follow, the real economic and environmental benefits for our state will be worthwhile in ways we can only imagine today. It won’t always be an easy path to travel, perhaps, but it always will be a path worth taking.”   ~ Jeff Guldner, APS Chairman and CEO

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